Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loving Allegany County

The more I write, the more I love.

That might sound weird to people who wonder why a place can be such a draw and my simple answer is: Duh. I have no idea.

To me it's a God thing, a happenstance that put a whole bunch of tumblers in place that made things happen. So I'm lovin' on that! But if you're ever in Western New York, take a trip across I-86 (Route 17) and just take a peek at the amazing splendor of those hillsides. Then hop off at some of the exits. Grab some Cuba cheese up in Cuba, New York. Spend some time shopping and meeting folks in Angelica. Check out Belmont and the historic sites, or the Howe Library down Route 19 in Wellsville.

And all the little shops along the way, like Sandy's Place on Route 19 where I got my side-porch swing. Be sure to browse her quilts in the back room.

Blending old and new. That's what you find in Allegany County. A warmth of old time with the services of today. In most places, LOL!

It's the perfect place to kick back, chill-lax and smile. Little festivals, beautiful fairs, busy days, quiet nights.

Don't you dare miss the Pink House in Wellsville while you browse the more upscale neighborhood where my fictional "Dana Brennan" lives....

If you go hunting for the Colonial Cookie Kitchen, it doesn't exist.  But it SHOULD, right???? ;)

I'm heading back that way in March, then again in early summer and I can't wait. Because I just love Allegany County, New York!

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