Reunited Hearts

I love this cover. Just love it. The art team did a great job with the photos I sent them, a sweet collection of various homes, the winding road, well-worn. The church in the background, the hills rising beyond.


And I love this book, because this book sums up all the stupid things young people do and God finds a way to put it right again.

Trent Michaels is an army captain, a man coming home to Allegany County to repay old debts. The last thing he thinks he'll see is his old love, his first love.... He knows she's living in some tiny hamlet of eastern Montana because he was smart enough to check it out.

But her father's heart attack and ensuing surgery brought Alyssa back home with a twelve year old son that looks just like his father...

Just like Trent Michaels.

Gently woven through a classic "secret baby" story,  are two pasts, entwined, family dynamics and mis-communications, struggling businesses with the economic downturn and a small town warmth that puts out the welcome mat for readers.

When the art team needed images, here's what I sent them for Trent:

Patrick Dempsey is the perfect model for Trent Michaels... Oh my stars.  ;)

Sweet, right?  ;)  But more than the rugged Celtic good looks, Trent has the heart and soul of an abandoned child, a man whose urge to fix things knows no bounds. A gentle heart in a strong man. A true romance hero.