Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Family to Cherish is in Stores Now!!!!!

Oh, how beautiful is this cover????

LOVE IT!!!!!  

And the story inside is absolutely delightful, a tale of second chances, new beginnings, righting old wrongs... With all the small town warmth and ambiance we love in a hearth and home read!  

From the back cover:

Wanting to do right by his impressionable daughters, widower Cam Calhoun knows they need a woman's touch. But when his high school sweetheart returns to town to open a beauty spa, Cam plans to keep his distance. Meredith Brennan left him without a word over a decade ago. Now talk of hairstyles and nail polish have his tomboy daughters way too excited. Yet when Meredith hires him to make her dream come true, Cam discovers he just might have what she needs most: the love of a family.

Set between Wellsville, New York and the fictional town of Jamison, New York (which looks a lot like Angelica, oddly enough!!!!)  this story embraces characters who've seen the up and down sides of living in a small town... a close-knit county, where everybody knows everybody else. Or thinks they do.

Grab a copy. They're available right now (July 2012) in Wal-Marts, K-Marts, Targets, grocery stores, anywhere you find Love Inspired books by Harlequin, you're likely to find a copy of "A Family to Cherish"...

And bless you for supporting my work by buying my books! You honor me!  


Monday, March 5, 2012

How Many Sick Toddlers Does it Take....

To run through a blox of Puffs Plus in a day?

Oh my stars, RSV's, strep, pneumonia for one, and ear infections.

Dr. Mazza used to say that soft winters are the worst for illness. That the germs don't die if the temp is "in between"...

Summer sun kills them.

Winter cold kills them.

Anything in between?

They wear us down with their constant onslaught and REFUSE TO DIE.

So the toddlers are snuffly. A little whiny. Argumentative. And some are home.

But we've got a warm fire, hot lemonade, snuggles, Dr. Seuss and Sesame Street.

If you've got to be sick, those are pretty solid surroundings, right?

Bless you, Toddlers!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loving Allegany County

The more I write, the more I love.

That might sound weird to people who wonder why a place can be such a draw and my simple answer is: Duh. I have no idea.

To me it's a God thing, a happenstance that put a whole bunch of tumblers in place that made things happen. So I'm lovin' on that! But if you're ever in Western New York, take a trip across I-86 (Route 17) and just take a peek at the amazing splendor of those hillsides. Then hop off at some of the exits. Grab some Cuba cheese up in Cuba, New York. Spend some time shopping and meeting folks in Angelica. Check out Belmont and the historic sites, or the Howe Library down Route 19 in Wellsville.

And all the little shops along the way, like Sandy's Place on Route 19 where I got my side-porch swing. Be sure to browse her quilts in the back room.

Blending old and new. That's what you find in Allegany County. A warmth of old time with the services of today. In most places, LOL!

It's the perfect place to kick back, chill-lax and smile. Little festivals, beautiful fairs, busy days, quiet nights.

Don't you dare miss the Pink House in Wellsville while you browse the more upscale neighborhood where my fictional "Dana Brennan" lives....

If you go hunting for the Colonial Cookie Kitchen, it doesn't exist.  But it SHOULD, right???? ;)

I'm heading back that way in March, then again in early summer and I can't wait. Because I just love Allegany County, New York!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Well, it seems as if our original has been grabbed by an Internet shark company.

Those are companies that watch for domain names to expire and buy them to re-sell them back to the owner at a high price. Which is silly, right? So now I've put the word "the" in front of the blog...

And that's a-okay because I do believe that my wonderful editors at Love Inspired want more Allegany County stories and we want our 'men' to be notable!

If you go to that other weird website, please know that it's not my content. That's just their way of trying to lure me into paying the bucks to reclaim my blogger site. Right now I'm under construction, so please be patient! I just finished a new "Why Allegany County?" page, and I'll keep on re-creating our fun site to track down the books and the roots of  "The Men of Allegany County".

Remember you can find me at My Website, at Ruthy's Place and with my good friend Missy Tippens at the Yankee Belle Cafe...