Small-Town Hearts

Okay, really?

What could be better than this? A fun, "sweet" story of a man striving to fulfill his grandmother's dream and a young woman, twice-jilted, and the sweet shop she's nurtured into a viable business.

Megan Russo is a spunky, hard-working young entrepreneur. She dresses in 19th century garb, puts on candy making demonstrations at the Genesee Country Museum up in Mumford, New York and runs a cookie and ice cream business on the side to make ends meet during the long, cold months of an Allegheny Mountain winter.

But if East coast candy store magnate Danny Romesser fulfills his grandmother's wish of starting a ""Grandma Mary's" tribute store, dedicated to his great-grandmother Mary Sandoval, he risks putting Megan's store out of business.  And how can he do that when he's losing his heart to her?

Yes, this looks like David Beckham, but he bears a strong resemblance to Danny Graham Romesser, our hero in Small-Town Hearts.  A total cutie, right?
This story was so much fun to write. Meg's family is next-door normal... neither character has a big, dark secret in their past, and yet, everyday life seems to be enough to make them falter. She can't trust her heart or her instincts. His short-term job in Allegany County won't support long-term commitments.

Or can it?

Can Danny learn to let go and let God? And can our sweet Megan realize that God's timing is always perfect, even when it means a little compromise.

And how can you not fall in love with a guy who makes great candy and can pilot hot air balloons?