Sunday, January 29, 2012


Well, it seems as if our original has been grabbed by an Internet shark company.

Those are companies that watch for domain names to expire and buy them to re-sell them back to the owner at a high price. Which is silly, right? So now I've put the word "the" in front of the blog...

And that's a-okay because I do believe that my wonderful editors at Love Inspired want more Allegany County stories and we want our 'men' to be notable!

If you go to that other weird website, please know that it's not my content. That's just their way of trying to lure me into paying the bucks to reclaim my blogger site. Right now I'm under construction, so please be patient! I just finished a new "Why Allegany County?" page, and I'll keep on re-creating our fun site to track down the books and the roots of  "The Men of Allegany County".

Remember you can find me at My Website, at Ruthy's Place and with my good friend Missy Tippens at the Yankee Belle Cafe...